Quantity: 50 g – NET WT. 1.7 OZ.

Containing a pyroligneous acid solution blended with KISYU BINCHOTAN (white charcoal), having a deodorizing and antibacterial effect as a result of fumigation, this incense keeps the air in the room clean.
Produces less smoke so you can enjoy its fragrance.
An achievement of the fusion between modern aromatic science and Japan’s traditional craftsmanship by BAIKUNDO, a famous incense manufacturer in the incense producing town of AWAJI, HYOGO Prefecture.
Enveloped in natural fragrances, and provides a greatly relaxing and enjoyable time.
These products are representative of Japan and create an image of the natural and bountiful AOYAMA resort. We have 5 types of fragrances to offer : Lavender, Camomile, Moon Flowerr, Mandarin Orange, and Japanese Citrus. Leaves behind a slight fragrance after use.
They also create a good atmosphere as interior goods.

aoyama Fragrance Incense <Lavender>
aoyama Fragrance Incense <Camomile>
aoyama Fragrance Incense <Moon Flower>
aoyama Fragrance Incense <Mandarin Orange>
aoyama Fragrance Incense <Japanese Citrus>