New resort travel with a magnificent program for beauty and health

What is Beauty & Healthy Program?Find the true beauty in the trip. Spend excellent healing time with a little luxury.

Find the true beauty in the trip.
Spend excellent healing time with a little luxury.

Menard, expanding its domain from cosmetics to lifestyle and culture, proposes "Esthetic life".
"The Beauty & Healthy Program" is offered in Menard Aoyama Resort surrounded by amazing nature.
A new program integrating Mernard's "approach to beauty" with scientific knowledge gained from long years of experience
and Aoyama Resort's "quality relaxation" that is provided as a general relaxation resort.

A special program prepared
"exclusively for yourself"

The Beauty & Healthy Program is a flexible program.
As individual life styles vary, our program is customized for
the relaxation and beauty of each person.
This resort program that is "exclusively for yourself"
begins with skin check before your stay.

True escape from everyday life
to the active & relaxing trip,
which lightens your body and mind

Luxury time away from everyday life in the majestic nature
of Aoyama Resort. We prepare not only elegant esthetic treatment,
but also fascinating activities.
It's up to you to choose how to spend the time.
Please enjoy a pleasant time and return home
with a lighter body and mind.

Personal Esthetic

Personal Esthetic Treatment

Special esthetic treatment stars
in a special place with a
conversation with your skin.

The esthetic treatment of this program starts with a prior skin check.
Your skin may look fine, but it may be weak or has problems that have not
yet come to be visible.Knowing the current condition of your skin is essential
for a beautiful tomorrow.Look at the condition of your skin again first.
Then we will suggest the ideal esthetic treatment and space.

As a cosmetic company, Menard
offers esthetic treatments which
combine expertise and techniques.

From the times when esthetic salons were rare
in Japan, Menard has been studying with woman's
beauty and health. That's why we can offer a quality
esthetic treatment one notch above.

A relaxation space created with
counseling based on your skin check
and aroma specially chosen for just you.

First, a detailed counseling based on your prior skin
check is offered. We choose the aroma that relaxes you
most, and offer esthetic treatment in a space filled with
the aroma, which is more effective to your beauty.

* Customers who made a reservation 13 days before arrival are eligible for skin check.
Those who made a reservation within 12 days before arrival or could not receive proper skin checking analysis are counseled using brief skin checking system developed by Menard cosmetics on the check-in date.

* Male visitors undergo "Conditioning" by a male instructor.
In the "Conditioning" program, stretch is performed using band and gymnastic ball which provides instructions to prevent low back pain and to improve distortion of body.

Exercise & Creative Activity

In the refreshing nature, let go the day-to-day off.


Pleasant exercises lighten
your body and mind.

We prepared various exercise routines you can enjoy in the magnificent natural highlands or indoor facilities of the Resort.
One exercise from "refreshing", "health", "beauty", "healing" can be chosen according to the purpose.


To enjoy and forget
yourself is true relaxation.

We prepared resort-specific workshops you can hardly experience in your day-to-day life.Moving your hands and forgetting yourself stimulate your brain; you can experience relaxation in a different way from esthetic treatments and exercises.You can choose one activity out of six.

Dinner / Hot Spring / Rooms


Low-calory, delicious selected dishes only in this program using seasonal, antioxidant foods.
Make a choice between Kaiseki, full of seasonal materials, or French cuisine, using freshly picked herbs.

The real gem with fine smell

French cuisineThe real gem with fine smell

Appetite is not just triggered by taste, oral sensation and beautiful appearance but also by tantalizing smell.
Please enjoy aroma-rich French cuisine with high-quality herbs grown and picked in this resort.

Four-season taste with

KaisekiFour-season taste with
rich sensitivity

As Japan has four seasons, we carefully selected seasonal materials and put sensitive Japanese heart to the taste, colors and decoration.
Please enjoy the selected taste to your heart's content.

Relax deeply in the skin enhancement spa.

Relax deeply in the skin
enhancement spa.

We proudly present Kiryu-Onsen, the simple hot alkaline
spring which makes your skin silky smooth.
We will also guide you with the effective bathing method.

We promise a deep relaxing time

We promise a deep relaxing time

We prepared healing goods such as herbal tea with muffins
aromatic lamps, essential oils in your room.
The room is available until 12:00,
so please have a relaxing time.

Joy of seasonal changes

Feel the seasonal changes through the five senses.

Aoyama Resort welcomes you throughout the year
to let you experience the grace of all four seasons.







  • Hydrangea


  • Lighting-up


Plan examples

Reward plan for hard-working women

1 month prior to your arrival / Skin check

【Day 1】
15:00 Check-in
15:30 Counseling
16:00 Esthetic treatment * Conditioning for males
19:00 Dinner
21:00 Hot spring bathing
【Day 2】
7:30 Exercise 【Healing walk】
8:30 Breakfast
10:00 Workshop 【Pottery class】
12:00 Check-out

Relaxing plan for a mother-daughter relationship

1 month prior to your arrival / Skin check

【Day 1】
15:00 Check-in
15:30 Counseling
16:00 Esthetic treatment
19:00 Dinner
21:00 Hot spring bathing
【Day 2】
7:30 Exercise 【Aqua refresh】
8:30 Breakfast
13:00 Workshop 【Soba-making class】
18:00 Dinner
21:00 Hot spring bathing
【Day 3】
7:30 Exercise 【Healing walk】
8:30 Breakfast
10:00 Workshop 【Cosmetic workshop】
12:00 Check-out

Pricing information

womenRoom rates + 24,000 JPY (excluding tax)

【Skin check / Counseling / Beauty Treatment / Exercise / Workshop / Spa bathing lecture】

menRoom rates + 14,000 JPY (excluding tax)

【Skin checking / Counseling / Conditioning / Exercise / Workshop / Hot spring bathing lecture】


* Room rates vary according to facilities, number of visitors, days of the week and seasons.
For more information, see "Pricing Information".

Customers who stay for two nights can choose additional one from each course of exercise and activity.


Since there are instructions about personal esthetic treatment,
this program is reserved by phone only.

TEL 0595-54-1326

Access guide

For guests arriving by car

●From Osaka, Nara or South Kyoto Drive from Nishi-Meihan Expressway via Meihan Expressway and get off at Ueno Higashi Interchange.Drive south along Route 422 from Ueno Higashi Interchange following signs on the road side.The distance is approximately 30km.

●From Nagoya, Tsu or Ise Drive from Higashi-Meihan Expressway via Ise Expressway and get off at Hisai Interchange.Drive west along Route 165 following signs on the road side.The distance is approximately 30km from Hisai Interchange.

●From North or Central Kyoto or Shiga Drive south on the general road from Konan Interchange of Shin-Meishin Expressway and get on Meihan Expressway at the Mibuno Interchange.Get off the Expressway at Ueno-Higashi Interchange and drive south along Route 422 following signs on the road side.The distance is approximately 30km from Ueno-Higashi Interchange.

For guests arriving by train:

Regularly-operated shuttle buses are available from Igakanbe station or Sakakibara-Onsenguchi station on Kintetsu Osaka line.

Menard Aoyama Resort is a comprehensive relaxation resort located in Aoyama Kogen, Iga-shi, Mie-ken.Besides accommodations, we have abundant facilities such as hot springs, esthetic salons, beauty brain space programs, golf courses, herb gardens, and workshop facilities. We can offer the best relaxation.

2356 Kiryu, Iga-shi, Mie-ken, 518-0295
TEL 0595-54-1326